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NetSuite or QuickBooks for your business accounts – Size matters...

Our client is an aesthetics award winner and one of the largest pharma distributors of UK. They use a system where orders are taken online from registered doctors with their application which is thereafter, fed into their own custom software to manage inventory and orders. Order processing is thereafter done by their “pharma online-support” (P-OS) team which includes doctor’s verification and ordering FMD certified medicines. Client is VAT registered and maintains accounting books in QuickBooks but has reached its maximum records limit.


As mentioned above client is using QuickBooks for book keeping and facing following issues -

  • Client wants to migrate their windows service integrated with Quickbooks application to new platform where data integration is possible.
  • QuickBooks has limit of 14500 users / customers in it. New users / customers can be added by either modifying or removing existing users which became a bottleneck.
  • Client found that QuickBooks isn’t scalable beyond an extent thereby restricting our client from adding new functionalities / features.
  • Client has a regular need of SSRS to create custom reports for business analysis. QuickBooks as described in point 3 above is not adaptable to allow certain types of customizations which can help our client to build custom reports and meet VAT needs.

So, client hired Space Stem Legacy System Migration Experts for two reasons –

  • To analyze QuickBooks and check out customization feasibility if possible, to resolve the issue on economies of scale
  • If customization can be a temporary solution then use Space Stem expertise to find a permanent solution and migrate from QuickBooks to new platform.

After careful evaluation, research and analysis of QuickBooks on client side and understanding our client’s near future growth, their upcoming needs, Space Stem experts recommended to look for a replacement solution fit to meet client needs and which can be incorporated with minimal development or integration efforts.

Space Stem studied SAP ERP, Sage, Oracle NetSuite and compared their features with client requirements document as well as checked out scalability of to-be accounting system for a permanent solution.

Comparison documentation outlined features, limitations, cost etc to map all business requirement of client with all possible solutions.

On parallel lines, Space Stem development team studied the feasibility of API integration and data migrations provided by each software solutions. Also, Space Stem development team checked for the best support for accounting tool that is available online and also provided by each accounting software company.

Space Stem experts reached a conclusion to go with Oracle NetSuite to provide a perfect accounting solution to the client which can meet their business needs and can go with migration of their existing accounting data.

As a result, Space Stem development team created NetSuite integration sync app to migrate bulk data easily from client’s application to NetSuite using “SuiteTalk NetSuite API”. Below are the benefits to client after using “NetSuite as an accounting solution”:

  • Client can check transactions in NetSuite online by doing login from any browser because it is a web application.
  • Now, client’s biggest headache of storing customers is resolved. There is no limit in NetSuite for storing number of customers or transactions.
  • All customers, products, suppliers, sales order, purchase orders, invoices, item receipts, credit memos, stock transfer are managed now within the boundary of NetSuite.
  • Client can check transactions or any records by providing number in NetSuite intelligent search feature.
  • Client also got benefit from other features like they can see customer’s transaction summary with remaining balance and also got balanced stock quantity of any items easily.
  • NetSuite is providing customization in terms to design fields, features, menus that used to extend it according to client’s business needs.
  • Client can create customized reports from NetSuite to analyzed their business growth and also able to submit VAT online.

Tools & Technologies.

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Responsive Website with Custom ERP system
Church Pharmacy hired Samir and his team at Space Stem who are based out of INDIA because they follow GDPR, PCI DSS, CSM and UKFMD compliance. Our project was about a responsive website with custom back-end ERP system. Church Pharmacy practices customer-centric approach and therefore, dedicated UK customer support, secured payment system and safe delivery of cosmetics and aesthetics products has always been a priority.
With Space Stem’s IT expertise, we have transformed our static website into a dynamic website enabled with an e-commerce platform which is further synchronized with a customized ERP system for online prescription services, orders processing, updating inventory in real-time, raising purchase orders, receiving online payments via secured payment gateway, generating invoice and scheduling delivery via preferred logistics partners. Entire system is also connected with our Accounting Software to streamline our taxation processes as per MHRA guidelines.
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