Tabs Plug-in.

The Tabs plug-in for nopCommerce lives up to its name. It is a quick information organizing tool that allows to present your contents in a tabbed style.It enhances the look of your site with proper arrangement of data.

Tabs plug-in for nopCommerce gives quick and easy access to product information without unnecessary hassle. It adds information tabs to a websites product pages that can be mapped to products, categories or manufacturers. With this highly configurable extension, you can create custom tabs and finally get the messy product information in good order.

Benefits Of Tabs Plugin -

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  • Widget Support
  • Razor files and CSS are open to modifications
  • Very fast and simple
  • Allows to add multiple custom tabs that can be mapped to product, category and manufacture pages
  • One can add Video in the tab
  • Highly customized for User Experience
  • Easy to generate unlimited tab sets anywhere
  • Provide a way to add downloadable files for users
  • Easy to Create/Edit and Delete tab in admin pane
  • Fully localizable
  • This plugin design is responsive and user friendly to any mobile device
  • Horizontal and vertical styles available


  • Compatible with nopCommerce 4.30, 4.20, 4.10, 4.00, 3.90
  • Multi-store
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy to install and manage from the nopCommerce Admin panel
  • Available for single and multiple domains

The Tab plug-in opens many options for you as an online store owner to add contents to your products and inform your customers and clients of information, advertisements, etc. It offers an eye-catching

design that enhances the look of your site while organizing the product specification and product attributes in neat manner.

In tab plug-in, you are able to insert any content you want - such as: video, pictures, data and more - and map it to as many items and categories relevant. By doing so, you save time and widen the products mapped to one another.

About Tabs Plug-in.

Space Stem Tab plug-in for nopCommerce is efficient and allows you work manoeuvring in order to give your clients and customers as much information possible in as little time. Easy download and easy to use plug-in for your website.

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