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Spacestem Timezone Converter

React Native Based Time Zone Converter Mobile App

Space Stem Time Zone Converter is a simple and easy to use time zone tool and clock with intuitive design. It is an excellent time difference calculator tool for travelers, or anyone who works with international clients or has family/friends abroad.

While using the app, the user can easily convert their local time into any time zone around the world. They can also instantly swipe forward or backward in the timeline view. There is also an option to select the conversion dates from a calendar and it is extremely easy to manage selected time zones through the configuration screen.

You don’t even need to know the name of the time zone – just enter your home or any continent/city and the app will find the current time in that place. It also helps you to keep your home as a base and allows you to calculate the time of another continent/city easily.

This app also lets you create a list of your favorite time zones, so you can check time in those places without any hassle – just take one look at the main screen to get the desired time details.


React-native, Xcode 12


Visual Studio, Android Studio

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