Space Stem Privacy Policy

Your Information is in Safe Hands.

We respect the privacy of every individual who interacts with our website and is committed to protecting sensitive information by all means. Here is a summary of our privacy policy that applies to the data we collect through our website and our subscription (to IT and business insights from our blog) services.

We have ensured that our privacy policy is comprehensive and protects your data, but still, if you feel you do not want us to have access to the data (as mentioned in below sections), we request you to kindly not interact with the website as most of our data collection processes are automated.

This privacy policy is applicable to all the individuals/company personnel/software pieces that engage with our website or subscribe to our newsletter. If you use this website or provide your data via the Contact Us/Subscribe form, it will be deemed that you have read and you agree with the privacy policy of this website.

We would like to clarify here that the terms “website”, “we”, “us”, “company” or “Space Stem” have been used to refer to and the term “you” refers to the one who uses this website or subscribes to our newsletter.

The Kind of Information That Space Stem Collects

When you decide to enquire with us for any service and you fill out the contact us form for the same, we collect your basic information mainly Your name, Your email address, and Your project-related message. We may use this information to respond to your queries and/or to send across certain promotional messages via email/SMS/calls.

When you subscribe to our email newsletter, we collect data about your name and email address. We may send you regular emails or promotional messages using that information. Of course, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list whenever you like and we will immediately stop sending emails to you.

When you visit our website, we collect information about how you got redirected to our website and how you use it. This may be made possible by using our cookies or any third-party analytics service. For example, we may track your IP address, the source from which you landed on our website, the duration of your visit, the number of pages you visited, how you navigated between those pages, for how long you were active on each page, and what your exit point was.

We Never Share Your Personal Information With A Third-Party

We only collect that information (as mentioned above) for establishing clear and open communication between you and the Space Stem team. We understand that each individual has the right to privacy legally and hence, we never share your private information outside of the company’s authorized users.

Cookies Policy

We use cookies to provide you with an exceptional, personalized website interaction experience. Cookies are small files that get saved on your device so we can understand how to personalize the website for your optimum experience.

Whenever you visit our website, you will see a pop-up that asks you whether you want cookies to be stored on your device. You have the liberty to accept or reject the cookies. However, if you reject the cookies, you may be unable to access certain features of the website.

Even if you allow cookies once, you can disable them on your browser through settings, whenever you like.

Third-Party Links/Partnered Websites

Space Stem may include links to third parties, partnered websites and/or directory listings on our website. It doesn’t mean that we agree to leverage or compromise the corresponding website’s policy towards Space Stem privacy policy/terms of service. Space Stem cannot be held responsible for any misuse of info from its website under any circumstances.

Policy Updates and Implementation

Space Stem may change its policies anytime and will be applicable as soon as it is published on this page.

Visitors can reach Space Stem legal support team to get more information about our Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, or any other Terms of Use of Space Stem website anytime by sending an email to –