Health & Fitness
Top Advantages of Health & Fitness Mobile Apps
We are rapidly moving into a digitally transformed era where technology plays a crucial role and offers miraculous results.
E-Commerce Web Development
Five e-Commerce Web Development Trends to Look Forward in 2021
Everyone in the IT industry wants to know about the top e-commerce web development trends in the spotlight in 2021.
 Blockchain - Home of Digital Trust
Blockchain - The Home of Digital Trust
We as human beings, are driven mainly by the trust. The trust of something in someone is what keeps us going, in this not so trust-worthy world.
How to improve communication between testers and developers
Project success and its timely delivery depends on good communication between QA (Tester) and Developers.
Swift UI
SwiftUI is truly a cross platform gangster
From the very beginning, Apple is known as the game-changer in whatever field they jump into and there’s
How to Test Microservices?
Now a days the word "Microservices" is one of the most trending in the IT Industry. And, testing
Manual Testing
Can Automation replace the manual testing?
We all know the world is running behind automating the process at everywhere. Coming to IT,
React Native
React Native - Your Way to Native Apps
Back in the days, when you as a developer is constrained in a shell for developing either apps, websites,
Welcoming Flutter 2.0
From the very beginning when Flutter introduced themselves to the digital world and their competitors,
Why Flutter is Better than Others?
Do you want to develop your mobile app ready, ASAP? You want to release your first, second, or many more apps on the Play Store or App Store, ASAP?
Are you ready for new trends of Digital Marketing in 2021?
As you have noticed, there are major trends in digital marketing that have been increasing in recent years and continue to rise in importance while new techniques have recently developed
If you want to grow your online business online in 2021, video marketing will play a Vital role for your Products and Business to create brand awareness and promotions..
Will it be KOTLIN or JAVA for ANDROID development in 2021?
Despite the widely used Java as a programming language for android application development, Kotlin takes over approximately 1/4 of popularity ever since it was announced as an official language since Google I/O in 2018.

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