Empowering Your Business Through Custom React js Web Development

Our adept developers specialise in crafting dynamic user interfaces that combine robust functionality and stunning visuals for scalable and stable React js applications.

The team of React software development professionals at Space Stem offers unparalleled expertise in delivering a wide array of complex React.JS-based solutions. We have aided organisations in structuring dynamic user interfaces for websites, mobile applications, and desktop SEO-friendly platforms worldwide.

As the preeminent React js web development company, we endeavour to create real-time experiences for the web. We boast minimal and mobile-friendly applications highly optimised for fast load times while consuming very little bandwidth.

Our seasoned engineers recognise that a brand's prosperity depends on how well it responds to user needs and keeps them engaged throughout every phase of the application lifecycle. Therefore, we strive for excellence in our work and deliver an effective and aesthetically pleasing product. Check out this Reactjs web development guide.

Best-in-class React js Development Services

SpaceStem continues to honour its legacy of offering competent React js development services to its clients, leveraging its expertise and experience in every sphere. Check out our offerings here:

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Custom Development

At Space Stem, we understand that each company has unique needs, so we offer tailored React js development services to meet your requirements. When you enlist our services for custom development, we thoroughly review your company's needs before UI/UX design.

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Web Development

A robust online presence is crucial in the modern era of technology, so we provide a wide variety of web development services. Our React js developers build responsive, secure, and engaging websites. Check out our reactjs web app development portfolio.

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Mobile Development

It would be wise to take note of your competitors. Our React js software development team builds mobile apps that draw in new customers and generate more revenue. We know your app must be dependable and provide a delightful user experience. We employ state-of-the-art React js technologies.


Quality Assurance

With 9 years of development experience, we possess the technical expertise and knowledge to deliver reliable and efficient React js solutions. Our team utilises the latest web technologies to build robust and scalable web applications that are built to endure.

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React Consulting

Our Software company comprises accomplished React js experts certified to deliver various React-based consultative solutions customised to precisely fit your enterprise's unique requirements. Our CTO, team leads, developers, and QA engineers can offer comprehensive project consulting services or on-demand React js support.

Why Choose React js for Web Development?

React js happens to be an effective framework for web development compared to every other web development framework owing to the following attributes:

  • Highly scalable and reusable code
  • Reactive programming paradigm
  • Atomic design patterns
  • Declarative business logic and presentation layer
  • Easy to use with no prior knowledge of JS required
  • Better performance and maintainability compared with conventional approaches
  • Create components using a declarative programming model similar to HTML.

Benefits of React js Web Development

There are varied differentiators that set React js apart from other web development platforms. Here we explore them in detail:

Seamless integration with other tools and libraries

React js development services offer an untroubled integration with various JavaScript libraries and frameworks like Grunt, Babel, Webpack, and NPM. It also effortlessly blends with CSS pre-processors like PostCSS, Sass, LESS, and Bourbon.


React technology offers remarkable performance optimisation for web applications in real-time, enabling them to easily handle many concurrent page views.

Ease of maintenance

React js has less code, facilitating developers to construct modular application architectures or reusable components with negligible overhead.

Immutable Data

Using immutable data in your application can be challenging, but it is beneficial for the long-term maintainability of your application. React js provides tools to help manage this. Instead of changing data in the DOM, React js only updates placeholders, ensuring that changes are reflected in real time. Combined with immutable data, this approach makes your application faster and easier to maintain.


React js components are designed to be more reliable and less error-prone compared to apps that use jQuery or other DOM manipulation libraries. React js components are built to work consistently across different browser events.

Proper Use of React Developer Tools

At Space Stem, we use React developer tools such as Chrome DevTools. We use React's built-in Developer Tools to debug our components. This useful feature makes debugging easier and helps us to understand how our components work.

Why Choose SpaceStem as your React js Development Company

SpaceStem is one of the prime React js development companies in London, UK that have delivered what they have promised to the clients. With a decade of experience in the technology, they are well suited to provide solutions pertaining to all domains and industries. Here are some reasons:

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9 years’ Experience of working with clients

Intershop Website Development

Professional Software Development Methodology

Intershop Theme Development Services

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Shopify Store Migration Services

Full-time, Native, and Certified React js developers

Shopify Store Updating and Maintenance

Passionate and Dedicated Team of Developers & Designers

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Extensive Support and Guidance by Technical Experts

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Proven Track Record

The Process That Makes us a Leading React js Development Agency

SpaceStem continues to live up to its legacy of excellent, robust, and secure web applications leveraging React js owing to its time-tested and successful React js development process. Here are the steps that we adhere to, for every project

1 Requirements Gathering

Requirements gathering

In the initial phase of software development, the process starts with requirements gathering. This phase involves the collection and documentation of project needs in detail.

2 Receive a free consultation

Design and planning

During this stage, we work to create a brand-new framework for the system. A thorough architecture analysis is performed as part of this procedure, which lays the groundwork for a complete implementation strategy.

3 Development


Once the plan is approved, we commence the development of the system. We initiate with our preliminary tests and subsequently progress towards the integration testing stage, which serves to authenticate whether our system operates as anticipated.

4 Sign the contract

Testing and debugging

Before releasing a project, testing must be performed to ensure that it works as intended. To guarantee thorough testing at every level of development, our React development company works closely with testing experts.

5 Start your project

Integration and Performance Optimisation

This step involves thorough integration with other tools and software applications where appropriate. The application's performance is also optimised continuously through optimisation techniques from various angles.

6 Start your project

Maintenance and support

At our React js development company, we are committed to providing ongoing support and consultation to our clients even after completing their projects. We take pride in guaranteeing the performance and quality of our services, and we back this up with years of experience.

ReactJS Development Tools and Technologies

We use a plethora of ReactJS development tools that serve us in good stead to deliver what we promise, to our clients. Here are some of the tools on offer

    App Setup

  • Styled-components
  • React Router
  • React App
  • React Router DOM
  • Single-spa-react


  • Gatsby
  • Next.js


  • Jasmine
  • Puppeteer
  • React Testing Library
  • Protractor
  • Jest
  • Cypress

    State Management

  • Redux
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Redux Thunk
  • Effector
  • Redux Saga
  • Apollo GraphQL

    UI components

  • Reactstrap
  • Material UI
  • Ant Design
  • Formik
  • React Bootstrap
  • KendoReact


  • React Hook Form
  • React Final Form
  • Formik

Our Portfolio

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A Unique and Innovative React js Development Company with a Difference!

SpaceStem is one veteran React js Development Agency that has you covered. Contact us to know more about our offerings without delay.