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Calecim Professional

Created by Scientists,Trusted by Doctors. Shopify Based eCommerce Website For Calecim Professional

Calecim Professional is a high-end skin care brand in the UK. Its parent company, CellResearch Corporation, is a group of companies that has since been established in order to manage the various businesses related to Cord Lining Stem Cells based skincare products.

Because Calecim Professional deals in a skincare technology that is revolutionary, they needed a website that can not only let the users buy products but also learn everything about their technology. It is a combination of both information-based plus eCommerce-based website.

We first created the foundation of the website using HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. Then, we leveraged the Shopify platform to convert this foundation into an efficient eCommerce website. We also integrated a reviews tool with the website so that the users don’t need to go to a separate web page to check the reviews of the products.

The client was very happy with how the final website captured the tone of their brand accurately. It rightly reflects the scientific and the cosmetic aspects of the brand in the most appropriate manner.


Calecim Professional’s skincare line is backed by an extensive body of science


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