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ASP.NET Based Integration Solution for A Leading Pharma Company

Church Pharmacy was established by a full-time aesthetics clinic, Medical Doctor and a Pharmacist with 30 years of experience in operating community pharmacies chain in Church Gate Mews in Loughborough. Today, it is one of the leading suppliers in the private aesthetics and cosmetics industry with specialization in Medical Aesthetics, Botulinum Toxins supplies and Dermal fillers.

For a business of that scale, they needed to automate their warehouse operations and ensure optimum inventory management. When they approached us, we suggested they invest in a robotic machine called Kardex to take care of all the inventory related menial tasks. We explained to them how they could sync data across their store and warehouses with the Kardex robot and how that would lead to reduced human efforts and costs of operations.

We built a software solution that facilitated integration of code with robot. We also implemented ABP architecture and efficient technologies like ASP.NET Core and Angular to ensure the successful and profitable Kardex integration.

Once the solution was ready, here’s what the client had to say about Space Stem:

“Finally, after everything was done and we started using Kardex in our warehouses, the productivity of our staff increased by at least 10x and we also saved a lot of operational costs. I take the liberty to say this on my company’s behalf but honestly, if you are venturing into something totally new, or looking to invest in a truly innovative product, there is no competition in the market that matches Samir’s technical expertise.”

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